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Details about the product
  • Reliable
  • Convenient Designs
  • Technological Excellence.
Darvesh Water Meters

Multi Jet Water Meter

Product Description

This product is an example of our Innovation, Efficiency & and sheer Hardwork for our customers.

Darvesh Water Meter is engineered after a lot of reasearch and input of time. Numerous tests were done on it to check whether it lives up to the standard. After conducting various tests at personal level, the product was sent to get approval of recognised organisations. Darvesh Water Meter is ISO 9001-2008 , ISI and JAS-ANZ certified product. It itself speaks for the quality of the product.

Indicating Error

In the Lower Zone Qmin inclusive up to but excluding Qt is ±5%
In the Upper Zone from Qt inclusive up to & including Qs is ±2%

Pressure Loss not to exceed

0.1 MPa at Qmax
0.025 MPa at Qn

Working Conditions

Water Temperature :
<45 °C for cold water meter
<90 °C for hot water meter
Working Pressure : 1.6 MPa
Maximum Test Pressure : 2.0 MPa

Product Features
  • Dry-dial, Magnetic drive, Resistance to exterior magnet interference.
  • Selected high quality materials for steady and reliable charateristics.
  • Vacuum sealed register keeps dial free from fog and reading clear.
  • Measuring accuracy conform to ISO 4064 Class B Standard.
  • Universal use, easy for interchange & maintenance.
  • High Sensitivity, Low Pressure Loss.
Darvesh Water Meters

Single Jet Water Meter

Darvesh Water Meters
Darvesh Water Meters
Darvesh Water Meters